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CBR® positions its brand as the clear leader

The story

Faced with an increasing number of competitors attempting to create the perception of parity by co-opting CBR's brand messaging and assets, CBR sought to refresh its web properties. They wanted to not only emphasize the company’s market leadership, but also highlight its superior collection and storage services and exceptional client support. 

To differentiate the brand and increase consideration and preference among consumers, Epsilon collaborated with CBR on a three-pronged approach, encompassing brand strategy, creative design and technology. We rebranded the company to convey CBR’s values, mission and vision, and developed a multichannel content and marketing strategy. We created coordinated designs for all CBR sites and brand assets and built a new microsite for the company’s education experience. And we implemented a smart marketing technology solution that tightly integrates with CBR’s business systems and helps CBR synchronize its digital assets, gather insights and better serve clients and consumers.


  • Website


  • Brand strategy and research
  • User experience
  • Visual design
  • SEO strategy
  • Web development
  • Content strategy


  • Healthcare
The solution
cord blood registry
cord blood

The results

CBR’s immersive new online experience clearly articulates the CBR difference, grows consumer interest and shortens the path to purchase. Research indicates that the new brand presentation has dramatically increased expectant parents’ desire to learn more about cord blood banking and CBR. The core website is holding visitors longer, increasing the time they spend on the site and driving more interest and intent to bank with CBR.


CBR’s immersive new online experience clearly articulates the CBR difference, grows consumer interest and shortens the path to purchase.

cord blood

Cord Blood Registry secures its top spot among competitors in an increasingly crowded field.

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