Personalized email communications drive click rates 241% higher than standard email messages

Marketing is more data-driven than ever before and email is no exception. Email certainly isn’t the cool, new kid on the block as it’s been around for quite some time, but opportunity still exists with the channel to drive personalized marketing communications.

Epsilon compiles and analyzes aggregated data from billions of email to provide brands with email benchmarks to evaluate their respective campaigns. According to the Q1 2016 email trends and benchmarks, which was announced earlier this week, personalized email communications drive click rates 241% higher than standard email marketing messages.

What else did we find in this quarter’s report?

Q1 2016 overall performance

  • The Q1 2016 open rate of 33.3% was above Q4 2015 (30.6%) and slightly higher than the same quarter last year (32.0%)
  • Click rates at 3.4% showed strong performance with a slight increase from last quarter (3.2%) but slightly lower than Q1 last year (3.9%)
  • Non-bounce rates at 95.6% decreased slightly from last quarter (97.1%) and from Q1 2015 (97.1%)


Triggered email performance

  • Triggered messages accounted for 4.2% of total email volume in Q1 2016, directly in line with Q1 of last year (4.2%). The average for 2015 (Jan – Dec) was 4.4%
  • Non-bounce rates continued to drive strong results for Epsilon clients, only 1.1% lower than BAU
  • Triggered open rates were 67.9% higher than BAU in Q1 2016. This is higher than the Q1 2015 lift of 65.0% over BAU
  • Triggered click rates continued to perform well, reporting 241.3% higher than BAU
  • Q1 2015 triggered click rates showed a 148.5% lift over BAU


New technology and fewer restrictions by ISPs have made email a more dynamic, interactive and engaging channel than ever before. It’s also opened the door to new creative potential within the channel. Still, marketers must understand consumer behavior and leverage these insights to provide the most personalized and contextually relevant experiences in the inbox. The combination of creative and insights – art and science—is what will allow you to engage subscribers early, drive loyalty through the channel and realize increased ROI from your email marketing efforts.

Download the full Q1 2016 email trends and benchmarks report today: