Bring your customers out of the dark with a CDP

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It’s difficult to see in the dark, and for many brands, the same is true as they have limited  visibility of their customers.

Despite having first-party data at their fingertips, brands struggle to shine a light on their customers from a 360-degree view. They know some things, but have an incomplete, inaccurate and disjointed view of individual people. With privacy on the rise and third-party cookies on the way out, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are a popular solution for brands, but not all CDPs are made equal. With a crowded space, brands are trying to find the missing pieces of the puzzle to connect with consumers.

And with CDPs, they’re able to do so like never before.

In this webinar, hosted by AdWeek, Tyler McDaniel, Vice President of Product Management and Identity Solutions at Epsilon, and guest speaker Joe Stanhope, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, discuss the role CDPs play in the marketing industry today and why enhancing your existing first-party data is critical to better analysis and measurement.