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Ad-savvy Brits clicking less but spending more

New report reveals 13% decrease in ad clicks over 2017 holiday season – but revenues rise by 33%

London, 7th February, 2018: Brits are spending more but being more selective about the ads they click on, CJ Affiliate’s 2018 Holiday Performance Benchmarks Report has revealed, showing that getting ads right pays off for advertisers. Whilst the UK saw a spike in order and revenue growth over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the number of clicks on Black Friday fell by 10% and for Cyber Monday they almost halved (-46%). “The good news for retailers is that whilst order numbers only rose by 7%, revenue rose by a colossal 33% compared to the previous year. It boils down to this: smart, persistent, multichannel advertising works,” says Owen Hancock, Head of Strategy for Europe, CJ Affiliate. However, the UK is bucking the general trend. Comparing these results to those for the US and overall in Europe, these markets witnessed an increase in clicks over the Christmas period. The number of people clicking on adverts grew by 9% in the US and the Europeans showed themselves to be even more click-happy, with an average increase of 25% in ad clicks over the holiday season. Hancock concluded, “Marketers need to be aware of two things: firstly, well-targeted, good quality ads will convert. Consumers are being choosier, but are potentially spending more, so there is a huge opportunity for great ads to have a powerful impact. Secondly, what we call the ‘oh-go-on-then’ factor. Many people will browse during their working day, then purchase in the evening when they’re at home or travelling. This means that marketers must persevere with smart retargeting to capture these people and make sure that websites are navigable on mobile and PC. It may seem simple, but many marketers still aren’t putting this into practice. If you want a share of the 33% rise in revenue we saw over the holiday season, it’s an easy change to make.”

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